I have a new blog for 2012 – Assignment 35.

In honor of the 35th anniversary of my move to Denver, I’ve adopted a random set of assignments which involve the number 35.

See you over at the new place.

Me and the FBI

I have today received the funniest spam/scam email! Thanks to GMail for sending it direct to my spam folder, but when I checked the folder I just *had* to open and read this one. The reply-to email was federalbureauo@superposta.com. Hee!!  And it was all in bold font. The hilarity has to be shared in full, so here goes:

FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
We have been directed to inform you that we have been monitoring all your contacts with some fraudsters/impostors on the internet that claims to be working for the Nigerian Government and the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS (FBI) and this agency which is HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES AND THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA) has been on your aid in other to protect you from being prosecuted by the International Crimes Department by asking you to secure the FREE CITIZEN CERTIFICATE after the Clean Bill Certificate has been issued to you previously by the FBI as we have it here in our database but instead of you doing that you still continue you contact with the Criminals on the internet that claim to be working for the release of some fraudulent funds to you.
You are suppose to have been arrested earlier before now by the CIA following the orders that were given by the International Crimes Department, the Nigerian Government has been contacted on this development and they are also helping us in tracking down on the criminals that has been confusing you all this while.
So right now all you need to do in other to protect your image and that of your entire country is to get the FRAUD CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE as you have been warned because we are suppose to carry out the arrest on you today but due to the fact that some assignments was carried out by the fraud department of the FBI, it has been canceled and the new date would be announced later.
This is the final notification that i would be sending to you because we already have all your details/information and you ID in our database which would be forwarded to the WORLD COURT as your name has been enlisted in the WORLD SCAM RECORDS as a top 11 fraudster.
For the last time we are advising that you stop any further contact with any person or group of persons that claims to be working for the issuance of your funds because no such funds exist as far as we are concerned and the only funds that was entitled to you of which the FBI has been given the necessary order to necessitate the transfer is the compensation funds which is valued at the sum of $12million usd that was issued to by the Nigerian Government to compensate you for the embarrassment and insults to your personality which the Nigerian Fraudsters used your identity to dupe a German business man of a huge amount of money and which we are still investigating until this moment.
If you know that you really want to save your life and the future of your family, we are advising that you secure the FRAUD CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE so that your name can be shortlisted from the scammers list which has already been submitted to the International Crimes Department and this certificate will give access to the issuance of your compensation funds.
We have also spread our networks to the following countries which are Australia, Canada, Africa, United Kingdom, Asia and Poland.
All the people that have their names in the list would be inset in our website any moment from now because we are charged to wipe away all the fraudulent transactions being held on the internet in which many people have lost their lives and properties.
So it will be better for you to update us on the actual date in which you would be able to make the payment of $100 Usd to the agency over there in Nigeria for them to issue the FRAUD CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to you because that is the only guarantee that would make us believe that your name and ID was really forged and not real as claimed because the German Business Man has contacted all the Crimes Agency on this matter and it was your ID that he has placed in all the Crimes Department for a search of you.
This Certificate will be attached along with the previous Clean Bill Certificate so that the attorney who is handling this process could get everything mandated as you have only 12hours to co-operate with this directives and this last Certificate as stated by the issuance department would cost you the sum of $100 Usd and this fees should be paid within a short while from now on.
The payment should be sent through either Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer with the below details:
Receivers Name: REMS UBOCHI
Text Question: WHAT FOR
Text Answer: RED
Amount: $100 Usd.
The payment details should be sent once the payment has been sent and don’t forget to include the Senders Name and Address and the MTCN NUMBER.
This is our advise to you and we do hope to get a positive feed back from you as soon as possible.


Red shirt, identified

The man in the red shirt sat down for an interview, finally, and we know his name. Mike Byers. A man doing a difficult job, not chasing fame.

Full story below the fold in case the link doesn’t work.

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There we go

Mike Keefe’s cartoon in today’s DPost is too good not to share:

American Reality TV

Red shirt

Hollywood being what it is, plenty of ugly is being freely shared from Balloon Dad’s personal history. He did, it seems, little to endear himself to folks out there.

But Tina Griego’s column in today’s Denver Post is a gulp of clean air among this story’s many kinds of stink.

It’s about the man in the red shirt, a father himself, running hell for leather after the silver balloon in the field to get the kid out safely. It was about a child – the fast dash, the fierce grasp of the tether ropes, the total focus on getting that contraption to the ground and keeping it there.  It wasn’t about him.

And he didn’t want his name in the paper.


Full column below the fold in case the link expires.

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Flying commercial

jetbluePardon the link instead of an embedded video, but you might enjoy this CNN clip about the rich and mighty who are being reduced to – flying commercial instead of on private jets.  Which covers the JetBlue ads aimed at that new customer base. Note to self: fly somewhere on JetBlue soon, just because.

Last Saturday, before I’d heard of the JetBlue ad campaign, I was working a shift as a volunteer hospitality Ambassador at DEN. Wearing the white Stetson and other gear, acting as kind of a talking directional sign and otherwise answering questions and trying to be helpful to the public out there. It was a pleasant day. People heading home after ski vacations, youngsters heading out for spring break trips.

As I watched all the folks moving through the place that morning, I wondered how many of that day’s commercial passengers would have been flying on private jets this time last year. But they, or their company, or their father-in-law, had given up the plane. Of course, one keeps those thoughts to oneself.

But there was this middle-aged couple, she carefully made up and sporting an ankle-length fur coat.  That sight caused me to contemplate during the next quiet moments: if one simply must take a big long fur coat on a commercial plane trip, what to do with it? Wear it, and look like a poseur who would be flying private if you really had that kind of money? Check it and risk a theft? Stuff it in your carryon bag, leaving no room for anything else?

Better yet, my advice if you’re coming to Colorado: get a full length down coat and stay just as warm without the bother.


Habits. I have lots of bad ones. I used to have a blogging habit but I lost it over the winter.

Before I rush off to face the day, after remembering to do my stretches now that I’m old enough to *need* them every day, I’ll share this “Headnote of the Day” from the legal publishing empire, West:

Where defendant had argued that commission of the crime in the manner asserted by the State would have been foolish, prosecutor was properly permitted to argue that it is nowhere written that a criminal has to be smart.

Marshall v. State, 438 N.E.2d 986 (1982

Could this be the rebirth of my blogging habit?


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