Central Havana, first random note


I spent six days in Central Havana this month. There are countless thoughts rambling around in my head about it – and almost none are yet sorted into anything coherent.

I think I’ll just post randomly about it as I work my way through the ideas. And images. I took 3,500 photographs there. It was a photo trip, a group of people passionate about photography.

Central Havana is astounding. Crowded, fragrant, hot, humid, colorful. Surprises lie behind the doors, beyond the shabby facades. Cubans are complicated, smart, literate, accomplished, and infinitely resourceful. Material goods may be in short supply, but life is rich. Much of it is lived outdoors, out loud.

They buy their food, fresh, down the street at a corner each morning. It’s a Monsanto-free zone, is Cuba, organic everything except I suppose imported things.

I intend, I very much want, to return.