Daisy and beady


Daisy. Five-photo stack, f/8 at 250 ISO, 0.8 second exposure.


Glass beads, f/22 at 200 ISO, 4 second exposure.

Yesterday was fun – a macro photography class taught by Jeff Johnson. I don’t have a “real” macro lens, but my trusty old manual focus 50mm f/1.8 Nikon lens, plus an extension tube, kept me in the game.


Denver icons


The Brown Palace Hotel in the foreground. In the background: the Wells Fargo Center aka the Cash Register Building. Recently I’ve been shooting this scene with different cameras at different times, from about the same location.

This one is old style. Film. Shot with a Nikon EM + crummy old Tokina lens, on C-41, converted to grainy B&W in Photoshop.