Bill Clinton came to town yesterday.

More specifically, Former President William Jefferson Clinton came to Denver to speak at the groundbreaking ceremony for the memorial to the victims of the 1999 Columbine High School attack.

But, really, Bill came back to town. Bill, who believes his number one job was always “father” and number two was whatever else he was doing – including being President (ah, Bill, would that you coulda remembered that in some of your more eventually famous weak moments in, er, personal situations).

Bill, the sitting President who came with his wife to meet with the Columbine community shortly after the tragedy. Bill, who promised to help them raise the funds for the memorial.

Bill, who has kept his promises to the families of Columbine High School. Continue reading


“Defending” heterosexual marriage – and other lunatic ideas

Over at This Modern World, in a post delightfully titled “The gay sex should start arriving at the door sometime later today,” Bob Harris writes:

I’ve been straight my whole life, but the Senate was unable to muster enough votes to “defend” heterosexual marriage.

Obviously, if heterosexual marriage needs to be defended, and now the effort has failed, heterosexual relationships are now profoundly endangered. We straights are helpless — helpless! — to preserve our own relationships and orientation.

So, I will be expecting the gay sex to arrive at the door sometime later today, and for all of my family and personal relationships to begin changing.

You should do the same.

I just wish I knew what to wear.

Maybe FEMA will start handing out some kind of kit.