One year old


Happy birthday to a happy, friendly little guy who was born on Christmas Eve last year.

You’ve been worth it, dude. I hope we have a lot more Christmases together.

Now, go out, locate a nice guy for me. And fetch.


Freecharge at the Denver airport

Denver International Airport (DEN) has several banks of charging stations for electronic devices (phones, notebooks, laptops, PDAs, cameras, whatever) located on the concourses (as opposed to the Main Terminal Building).  They are marked with “FreeCharge” signs. There’s no cost for their use. Here are a couple of pictures.



Details of where to find them:

A Gates aka A Concourse or Concourse A, 2 locations:

  • East side, between Gates A44 and A46.
  • West side, between Gate A38 and the center core.

B Gates aka B Concourse or Concourse B, 4 locations:

  • East side, between Gates B56 and B58
  • East side, between Gates B45 and B47
  • West side, near Gate B38
  • West side, between Gates B25 and B27

C Gates, aka C Concourse or Concourse C, 2 locations:

  • East side, near Gate C44
  • West side, exact info to be provided later or just look for it.

Also in the C Gates area, at some of the Southwest Airlines gates on the East side, there are small freestanding counter-height tables – some with stools, some not – with electric outlets which are available at no cost.

(This just updates some information I posted several months ago, minus irrelevant blather.)