Dog in the moment

Cold and snow have come at last.

Jasper loves to run and romp in the snow. He plays with it, he plays in it.

At my end of the leash, load of dull thoughts: iffy status of Thailand trip, things that must be done today, things I’d like to do instead, tomorrow’s schedule, state of health, unresolved issues of all kinds, memories, hopes.

At Jasper’s end of the leash, just the moment. Curiosity. Joy. Sniff the snow, sniff the grass, run leaping fast across the snow on the lawn, stop and sniff, look back to mom, run faster mom, let’s go down that way, stop to look at man walking on sidewalk, shake off snow, see man with dog and run toward them half block away hitting end of leash fast, come on mom, now stop to sniff again, look back at mom, run fast up all those steps to the front door. Stop wait for mom.

Wonder if I’m at the end of a leash held by something too big for my little mind to encompass. Wonder if I can let go and be just in the moment, safe on the leash.


Sick and sleepless: it’s not all bad



Because in one of my wakeful times during the wee hours this morning I was able to go to the NaNoWriMo site and using the validator function that was activated as of midnight, get my winner status made official. 

Well, actually, except for that, sick and sleepless is pretty bad.


Just passed the 50,000 word count for my NaNo Novel. This has been a 12,600 word count day. I am pooped and my throat is still sore, but I am a winner. A NaNoWriMo winner.

A week early no less.

Thanks to all of you for all the moral support. It has meant a lot to me.

Oh, about the novel? It’s a first draft, it’s a lot of dreck and I will probably write a few thousand more words this week to wrap up the story a little better than I did tonight. But all that is beside the point, which was to write 50,000 pages of a first draft novel starting November 1, and ending no later than midnight November 30.


Forty thousand words.

Just now I paused in my work on my NaNo Novel to note that I’ve passed the 40K mark in the word count.

I have felt like cr*p since about bedtime on Friday and didn’t write at all yesterday although I’d planned a couple of serious writing sessions, one here at home and the other at the weekly write-in group at the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover store. I’d not even worried about not writing Friday as I was running around taking care of things in advance of yesterday.

So instead? I slept very little Friday night, by yesterday morning had sore throat and other ugly symptoms. 

Thank goodness for Mucinex, antihistamines, hot coffee, chocolate treats, hot tea, Advil, my warm puppy, my comfy new supportive Travel Sox, snuggly Hanes sweatshirts, and all the other things that have supported me through the last 24 hours. I still feel crummy but I’ve been sitting here writing for 45 minutes and am determined to keep at it all day long. Not one long session but a series of them, broken up by such mundane daily things as showering, doing laundry, walking the dog, and eating.

But I just passed the Forty Thousand Word mark. With a goal of writing Fifty Thousand by midnight on November 30.

Dayum. I just might DO this, huh?

UPDATE: I finally quit writing about 2:30 p.m. with a total word count of 47,854. After dinner? Maybe I’ll just polish this puppy off by passing 50,000 words. The story won’t be all wrapped up neatly but honestly, this NaNoWriMo thing isn’t about that, at least not to me, this time.

Seventy-five percent

It’s not over till the NaNoWriMo word count validator says I have written 50,000 words, or midnight on November 30, whichever comes first.

But I’m pleased to note that my current word count is 37,644. Which is 75.2% of 50,000.

My first draft novel is a mish-mash of dreck with a few decent scenes, and not something I really want to discuss in detail. Not right now. Maybe not ever. But I will say that the word output speeded up yesterday when I killed off a main character in a random street crime. In a medium sized midwestern US city in 1939, which I learned while writing it has more shock value than, say, such a random crime on the streets of almost any American city in 2008.

Hmm, is that the finish line I can see out there in the distance?

Halfway point

I’m writing and posting this just before 11 pm MST on November 15.

I am halfway through National Novel Writing Month.

The NaNoWriMo goal is to write 50,000 words during November.

My current total word count after pounding out 4,787 words this afternoon and evening is, TA DA: 25,617.

Halfway there as to both days and word count. That feels pretty good.

My Inner Editor is just going nuts, but I’m getting really good at ignoring her growls from the kennel where she’s been locked up since November 1. Sure, my first draft sucks. That’s what first drafts are FOR. OK?

Ten point five months old


Jasper was born on Christmas Eve last year and came into my life four months later. He’s sweet, smart, and loves to run and play the whole time he’s at doggie day care. When we are out walking he’s calm and confident and ready to go forever, except at night. When it’s dark outdoors he tends to be cautious and sometimes doesn’t want to stay out very long at all.

They brought in a professional photographer at doggie day care last week and I signed him up. I ended up buying the CD with all the pics and the rights.

Ain’t he cute?