Film day, snow day, work day

1-reflect1 I’ve been on eBay again, looking at old Nikon lenses to use with my D7100.  I always browse the old film camera category, because people will sell an old SLR with its lens(es) in a single deal. I’ve acquired a few good old prime lenses for a bargain price that way, and in the past I donated the unwanted sad old cameras to Goodwill. But this time around I’m paying attention to the cameras too. I bought some film and I’m shooting with a few old SLRs – all Nikons so far – in the bundles I bought. A few days ago I took light rail downtown to my job on a day that started clear – see the first photo, above –  and as predicted went all snowy. I took along a Nikon EM with a crummy old 35-70mm Hanimex Tokina [oops, a mistake in the original edit] lens (don’t ask, long story, bad choice of lens), shooting Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400. When I went to lunch, the snow had started: 1-snowfall17th1 By quitting time, I was happy to be riding light rail and not having to drive home. 1-snowstreet1 Or to bike home. 1-coldride


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