Halfway point

I’m writing and posting this just before 11 pm MST on November 15.

I am halfway through National Novel Writing Month.

The NaNoWriMo goal is to write 50,000 words during November.

My current total word count after pounding out 4,787 words this afternoon and evening is, TA DA: 25,617.

Halfway there as to both days and word count. That feels pretty good.

My Inner Editor is just going nuts, but I’m getting really good at ignoring her growls from the kennel where she’s been locked up since November 1. Sure, my first draft sucks. That’s what first drafts are FOR. OK?


2 thoughts on “Halfway point

  1. Throw the IE a raw steak and keep on KEEPIN’ ON! Anne Lamott herself lives in fear that somebody, some day will stumble on her drawer of Sh!tty First Drafts! Everybody’s got ’em!

    Still pulling for you in the Bluegrass…


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