Dr. Wicked’s Writing Lab

Thanks to a post on the forum at the Official NaNoWriMo site, I discovered “Write or Die” at Dr. Wicked’s Writing Lab.

W-or-D is an ingenious – and maybe devious – little web application that just may help you blast through a writer’s block.

It works like this. You choose your time goal, your word goal and the mode: Gentle, Normal, Kamikaze or Electric Shock. Then you hit “start” and get a screen with big empty white space to write in, and a countdown timer and a word counter at the bottom. I didn’t set a challenging goal, just 100 words and 10 minutes. Got another 100 words or so plopped down, then cut and pasted it into my NaNo Novel. After writing yesterday and last night, and that little bit this morning, my new word count: 8,548.

Dr. Wicked, you devious genius, you ROCK.

And, Suzanne, Darla, Brenda, M. H. Pixie, Miss Kitty and all the others in my cheering section: you do too. Thank you so much!