It’s official.

I’ve lost my mind. Next Saturday I am going to embark on an impractical, time-consuming and totally unnecessary project that will last for exactly one month. I am going to write a novel. OK, the first draft of a novel. 

And the really scary thing?

I’m not in this alone. It’s been done by thousands of people, 9 times before this. This is the tenth time.

Seriously, run don’t walk to your bookstore or library and get hold of No Plot, No Problem. Which is fun and joyous and very well-written. Well, I’m sure the first half of it is anyway, because I’ve read it at least twice. The second half is to be read in installments corresponding to the weeks of November, and for once I’m not reading ahead in a book. Instead I’m making all kinds of notes in my little notebook, in anticipation of November 1.

Until November 30, my middle name is Exuberant Imperfection.


7 thoughts on “It’s official.

  1. I’m very very seriously thinking about signing up for this so I can start on my nonfiction book, and I have a friend/coworker who’s signing up too. You’re not the lone Ranger–you’ll have some company out there as you say about Nov 15th, “What was I thinking?!” Rock on!


  2. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement! I’m glad to hear from and about actual real individuals who are taking this plunge too. Pixie, I’m sending you and your friend warm happy thoughts for your success. KJ, Likewise.

    This is probably just going to prove to me that inside every ordinary person is a really bad novel – but at least I’ll let mine out into the light of day. Before I shred it. 🙂


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