Random walk through my so-called mind on Saturday morning

Thought for the day from an email, attributed to Helen Keller:

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.

I am going to be optimistic that my puppy will someday be out of this stage of constantly finding things to chew on and EAT. Strange and inappropriate and possibly dangerous things.

Did you know that if you get 5 to 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide into a Shih Tzu puppy he will throw up whatever he just ate? I learned that a few weeks ago.

My uncle is 89 years old today. Will I live that long? And if I do will I still have the quality of life that he does? Coolness doesn’t age, says the birthday card I found to give him this evening.

I wish we weren’t having such hot weather. Silly me  It’s the end of July in Denver, what do I expect? But I can’t get out on the lanai and use the citrus-based mastic remover in such high temps, because of basic comfort considerations and the instructions on the container. [Two weeks ago I finally tore out the aged crummy green indoor/outdoor carpeting and it left old dried adhesive crud on the concrete floor. I want to clean and then paint the floor, and finally turn the enclosed lanai into an outdoor living space instead of a dump for junk  Pictures may be posted of the project.]

I’ve been busy offline:  puppy-walking, working, volunteering at the Big Top, and now I’m on the board of our condo HOA. Maybe I should just mothball this blog.

Drama queens aren’t as entertaining when encountered in real life as one might think.

Last night I finally ordered a couple of night stands. Well they are called file cabinets but they are walnut and the right size and have drawers so that an inquisitive puppy can’t grab stuff off the shabby wicker set of shelves (from the old Pier 1 clearance center, I think it was intended as a plant stand?) that’s now serving as my main nightstand.  And anyway isn’t it about time my bedroom wasn’t such a mess of oddball leftover and improvised furniture pieces?

Upside of living as a cliff dweller [in this condo building which is “high rise” style with doors opening onto interior hallways, elevators, underground parking]:  neighbors who take in your UPS packages from the lobby when it’s 7 pm on Friday and you obviously haven’t gotten home yet, and leave you a voice mail that they did it.

I hope this package is my yoga toes thingie, and now it’s not too early to go down to Wanda’s and get it. Yay!

It really sucks that the toes on my right foot are just not quite right after my 2005-2006 orthopedic saga [broke right ankle June 05, broke 5th metatarsal in right foot April 2006]. But I won’t give up on trying to make them better if I can.

The teevee weather folks are saying that we’ve had a near-record string of days hotter than 90 degrees.

Thank goodness for air conditioning.


One thought on “Random walk through my so-called mind on Saturday morning

  1. Please let me know how your YogaToes thingys are. I’ve been wanting a pair for a long time to combat my weak toes, but have been reluctant to spend the money.

    Your doggie is adorable, BTW. 🙂


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