Have you seen those commercials for Comcast phone service?  The ones where some doofus is saying “But now I’m calling you on my new Comcast digital phone!” But of course that makes no difference to the situation at hand – which results from the caller being a hopeless screw-up and isn’t curable by a change of phone service.

Well, people, today I’m writing my blog entries using my new iMac.

Which doesn’t make me any smarter or more articulate.  But does indicate that I’m living through a world-shaking transition in my technology life – from Windows to Mac.

I’m proficient working in a Windows environment:  organizing files and folders, using my favorite programs, knowing what’s located where and how to do what I want to.

Now I’m in Mac World, and I barely speak the language here.  I have to learn how to do things here, that were second nature in the Windows Universe.  Simple things, like closing windows and applications – which means a click on the upper left corner vs the upper right.

Working with photos?  Not yet.  I’m still working on the basics.  Like learning that the Delete key = backspace, and forward delete requires the fn key + Delete.

I’ve learned that I’m too used to using a trackball to enjoy the Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse.  Mainly because the menu bar is waaay up on the top left of this 24 inch monitor screen and I have to move the mouse nearly halfway across my desk to get the pointer up there.  Too much wrist and arm movement involved.  So I plugged in my trusty old trackball, and it works!  I can maneuver around the iMac Half-Acre display without wearing out my wrist.   Wireless mousing is nice, but avoiding another carpal tunnel experience is better.

It’s going to be a nice world, I think, but a brave new one for me.

LATER EDIT:  Finally, after downloading a trial version of Photoshop Elements, I’m working with pictures here.  I’m not sure about this huuuge monitor, though.  I can’t seem to resize Elements to occupy less than the entire screen and I’m going to have to change the ergonomics here so that I’m not craning my neck to see the top part of the screen.  In the meantime, I’m adding a picture of my puppy and my new iMac, in the same shot.


4 thoughts on “Different

  1. I’ve had similar experiences with the Windows/Mac interface confusion. I use PCs at work and home, but I co-teach a class with a friend of mine who uses a Mac. When I type things for her on her laptop, I get superklutzy with her mouse. Plus, she’s lefthanded, so I’m backwards and turned around with her mouse. But overall, it’s a decent interface, I must say.


  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of mac. I have to use PCs at work, but I chose a mac for my personal use. Love it. You’ll find it is more intuitive once you forget the 4 different keystrokes you do on PC to get to single click on mac.

    And just wait til you discover Expose – I LUUURRRVE IT.



  3. Just stumbled onto your blog. You are going to love your Mac. I have the same model. You might even consider joining a Mac user group. I did 2 years ago and learned so much.


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