What the fuss is about

This is my puppy at his home in S.D. this afternoon, after his big road trip to and from the Minneapolis airport, and staying overnight away from home. He was more interested in playing with his brothers than sitting still for a picture or having his hair combed up into a topknot, but L got some quick snaps and emailed them to me.

I’m going to fly to a city not far from their home next weekend (not Minneapolis). L will bring him to me at the airport, and I will fly back to Denver a couple of hours later with the pup in the aircraft cabin. No more cargo for this guy! We’re flying on Frontier, my hometown airline which I hope emerges in due course from Chapter 11 reorganization, because it’s also my favorite airline.

About his name. Winston? Rusty? Ozzy? Or . . . ?


9 thoughts on “What the fuss is about

  1. Thanks, seester – that is high praise indeed.

    Brenda, you may have something there. Hmm….

    Darla, I’ve emailed you but just for the record, it’s Sioux City, Iowa (the airport with my favorite airline code: SUX).

    Thanks for all the ooohs and aahhs. He’s not only cute as can be but L says he has a wonderful friendly happy temperament. Yay!


  2. “Spike” or “Duke” would be fitting names for your new best friend. Our family “inherited” a pomeranian / poodle cross who is now 1 1/2 yrs. old, and she is the best thing to happen to us in a long time. We were not looking for a dog, but she just happened, and she’s been a great addition to the family. Your pup is too cute, you’ll have much fun! Cheers!


  3. Oh, my… No, that’s no “George.” Not an ounce of gravitas in that child.

    Was looking at Cherokee or Sioux names. Tongue twisters, those. I don’t know… I know we can do better than “Rusty.”

    : – ]


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