Shakes, seeds and the pik

naturesp1.jpgAfter 36 hours wearing them, I think that getting these braces may have been one of the worst decisions I ever made.

They hurt.  Although I can slap bits of wax on the worst poking bits for a little relief.  

And eating is pretty much unbearable.  Chewing with all those foreign objects attached to all my teeth?  Torture. 

Yesterday I was away from home all day.  At lunch I drank a smoothie because I couldn’t deal with the thought of eating.  By late afternoon I was starving.  Stopped by a favorite restaurant that makes great comfort food.  But all I could manage to consume – with difficulty – was a bit of soup and mashed potatoes.  Just had a tiny nibble of applesauce; boxed up the pot roast and brought it home. 

So I stopped by the grocery store and got things I can toss into the blender to keep body and soul together without chewing.  And also some instant oatmeal that looked nutritious. 

This morning I cooked up a bowlful of the oatmeal.  It’s OK, but I didn’t realize until I ate some, that it has little flax seeds in it.  Little seeds – and I have a mouthful of metal for them to hide in.

Thank goodness for my Water Pik.  I may never eat again unless I am at home and can immediately clean my braces afterwards with the Pik. 

I’ll be away from home all day today.  I’m taking two cold cans of SlimFast in a little cooler, and two straws.


3 thoughts on “Shakes, seeds and the pik

  1. Oh that’s rotten! I know I told you my 12 year old needs braces, but we found out the other day that my 9 year old does, too. At the same time! Gack. 1) how to pay for all that? and, 2) my daughter is like the princess and the pea. I am in for long, troubled sessions of “Mommy, there are seeds in my braces and I hate them.”


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