Never thought I’d live to see it

The pig-out queen here doesn’t want to eat.  Who would have thought?

I’m staring at my bowl of cereal and yogurt.  It’s cereal that I like, and yogurt that I like.  (I have cereal with yogurt instead of milk because my tummy likes that better.)

There’s nothing wrong with it.  I know that this modest breakfast will keep me going through a busy morning – and this one is going to be busier than usual.cereal-1.jpg

But I don’t want to eat a bite of it.  I’ve just made myself eat some of it, and have to finish the last half because I’m going to have a really bad headache by lunchtime if I don’t eat it.

I’m not sick. 

I feel fine.

But I got a mouthful of metal braces yesterday.  And eating is a bloody nuisance.  Chewing stuff.  Feeling stuff getting stuck on the braces.  Having to clean my mouth within five minutes after eating anything.

It’s not just breakfast.  I had the same problem eating anything for dinner last night.

The whole business of eating with braces just sucks.

The doc said that these braces will be on for about six months. 

I could be really skinny by then.


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