Getting down to basics

A few weeks ago I finally realized what’s wrong with my condo.  Why I don’t feel happy when I’ve finished cleaning and tidying the rooms.

I don’t like my furniture.  I do like the large oriental area rug in my living room that cost more than a month’s salary two years ago.  I have some bits of art that I enjoy living with.   But I keep thinking, are there any pieces of actual furniture that I might really mourn if I came home to find the place cleaned out by thieves?  And coming up blank.  OK, except for the two clean-lined 1960’s modern walnut bedroom pieces – double dresser and chest of drawers – that I bought at a secondhand store and stripped of gunky varnish.  And my cute little CD cabinet.

Otherwise?  If I ever move more than ten miles away?  I’ll leave it all behind without an eyelash flicker.

I think it’s time I found my own style.  I think I was developing one many years ago, but haven’t worked at it in a long time. 

This could be fun. 

It could also cost a boatload of money.


5 thoughts on “Getting down to basics

  1. We moved to Spokane 2-1/2 yrs ago from Reno, NV. Sold, gave away, tossed almost everything except for an oak burl top dining room table we couldn’t get rid of and didn’t want to give away, two lounge chairs, some misc tables, my hobby stuff, kitchen stuff, and hubby’s tools.

    Bought everything new, towels, sheets, beds, living room furniture, kitchen table, etc. Never missed any of the old stuff at all.

    Found a great deal on some bedroom furniture at the local thrift store, refinished it and love it. Would take that with me if I moved again.

    It is amazing what you can do without and what you don’t miss. Even still we moved a few things that I wish we had gotten rid of like a very large collection of “indian tree” dishes. I won’t ever get the money I put into this and that is why we moved it but it takes up so much room that I could put to much better use and I don’t think I would miss it at all.


  2. You know, my dh and I have a saying now. “Would you take it to Florida?” Which means, do we need that when we move–wherever we retire to. There are few pieces of furniture I would want to move. I’m hoping my kids will clear me out of a lot of it as they move from apartments into their own homes over the next few years.

    I don’t know what my style is though. We’ve found some great antique pieces at flea markets. But otherwise it could all go.


  3. Thanks for the support.

    My Inner Cheapskate has been grumbling at me bigtime ever since I went public about this yesterday. But I’m not planning to go into debt over this, so I’m not letting her derail me.


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