Quality, quantity and new sandals

I would give every damn blog post I’ve ever written, and almost anything else I have, in exchange for the ability to tell stories like Brenda Wooley’s.

Brenda shares some of her stories with us on her blog, One Kentucky Writer.   She doesn’t post every day.   But everything she posts is worth reading.  Not scanning, not glancing, not skimming.  If her stories were food, they would be low-glycemic:  the stuff that gives your blood long-term nourishment.  Not the slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am spike-plunge-vanish junk of empty calories.

Her latest blog story reminded me of how it felt to be a little kid in a big crowd, jostled and spilling my soft drink, and of looking down at my feet to admire a new pair of sandals.

Thank you, Brenda.


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