Little discoveries while traveling

When I was a little girl, the dime store in town was called “Woolworth’s.” It was one of the huge F. W. Woolworth chain of stores – which have all disappeared now. Wikipedia says the company evolved into Foot Locker.

WoolworthsLast month in Australia I saw “Woolworths” signs on stores. They are a grocery chain, and that company has no connection at all to the old American F. W. Woolworth Company.

I got used to remembering that “Woolworths” means “groceries” and “supermarket” there, but I wasn’t there long enough to make the connection seamlessly.  The old brain still recognized the two different retail chains when the eyes or ears registered the word.   Woolworth bag

I bought one of their $.99 reusable shopping bags at the Cairns store, and used it today for my grocery shopping at King Soopers.

Neither of our two large grocery chains – King Soopers and Safeway – offer bags like this in this area, although they have sold some canvas bags at a higher price. However, our local Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers featured similar bags, also priced at $.99, in their recent newspaper ad.


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