Makin’ my movie list for the week

Thanks to Certifiable Princess, I’ll pass on the film 300. She gets right down to brass tacks in her review:

Are you psyched to see the epic wonder called “300”?

Let [me] save you some cash. Do the following…

Get the movie Gladiator for real cheap at like…WalMart, in their $2.99 DVD bin. Throw it on the ol’ DVD player. Get a bucket of popcorn and a kid with acne to throw it at you while trying to watch the movie. Next, get a musclehead who hasn’t spent more than one night away from his Bowflex to come over. Have this same man get really greasy and make him throw steak knives around while squirting ketchup all over the room. Then, find the most flatchested chicks with acorn nipples on the planet and let them lay all over the floor.

There. You just saved yourself a … load of money and time.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement from your Certifiable Princess.

She did like Wild Hogs, though.


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