Together forever


Wayne & Avis

I’d lived in this part of town for awhile before I realized that there’s a large cemetery nearby. It sits behind hedges along the main big street, and its signage is discreet.  Then a few months ago I heard that one of my uncles was buried there.

Today I stopped by the cemetery office and asked if they could tell me where his grave is. Not only could they, they took me to it.  I found that Uncle Wayne and Aunt Avis – who died within a year of each other – are both there. “Together forever” the marker says. The cemetery folks are going to have the marker cleaned and raised a little; it’s been a bit overgrown after 35 years.

Wayne and Avis were a constant presence in my life when I was a small child in Oklahoma. . Later in my childhood they moved to Kansas, and then we moved to Texas. We didn’t see much of them after that.  Wayne and Avis never had children.   They never lived in Colorado; I think they were buried here because Avis’ sister lived here and made the arrangements.

I think I will go back next month to see if the marker’s been raised.


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