January 11: random anniversary notes

On this date 30 years ago I moved to Colorado.

On this date 20 years ago the Denver Broncos won a big NFL playoff game against the Cleveland Browns, in Cleveland: Elway and The Drive.

On this date last year, my little old dog Dusty died.

I’ve never regretted moving to Colorado.

I’ve had phases of following the Broncos and even going to the games.

I still miss Dusty a lot.

Today I have a routine appointment at the dentist, followed by a routine day at work (I hope it’s just routine). And I have 49 days left until retirement from this job.


3 thoughts on “January 11: random anniversary notes

  1. So glad to have you back. Tell me more about your impending retirement. What are the plans or are you going to make me go way back through your blog?

    I have sometimes regretted moving from Colorado, but now I love Spokane and the area. It is so much better than Reno, NV where we moved after 24 yrs in Denver area.


  2. Thanks, Susan. I haven’t blogged about my plans, so you don’t need to search the blog. Don’t have a lot of specific plans at this point anyway. I’m just tired and plan to relax and goof around for about six months doing whatever seems like a good idea at the time.


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