No fuss, no feathers


Daniel B. Sparr

“He was quiet, not like some district judges. He knew how to do the job without any fuss and feathers or making a big splash. I think that’s good.” — US District Judge Richard Matsch

“He was a dedicated, reliable judge. He believed in the rule of law, in fairness and justice.” –Lewis Babcock, chief judge of the U.S. District Court, Colorado district.

“He was a wonderful colleague. He was smart, practical and nice to work with. On several occasions, he took the time to help me learn the ropes as a judge.” — Colorado Supreme Court Justice Nancy Rice, who served with Judge Sparr as a (state court) Denver District Court Judge.

“He was a risk-taker. He was 30-plus with three kids and suddenly decided to go back to school [to become a lawyer]. We ate a lot of tuna casserole then.” — son Michael Sparr.

Rest in peace, old Sparr.


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