About this downsizing thing

Bathrooms. The house I just sold and moved from, had three bathrooms. OK, two and a half.

Each bathroom was on a different level. They varied in size but in total they had several feet of cabinet/vanity storage space plus an entire closet.

Now as I unpack boxes here at the condo, I am unpleasantly surprised at how many boxes there are that are labeled “bathroom” – full of towels, toiletries, and other things that were stashed in all those vanities, drawers, and the closet. I have no clue what I’m going to do with all of it.

When I planned this move, I figured out which furniture I would need to get rid of – and with my family’s help I got rid of it before moving day. Also before moving day, I offloaded boxes (and boxes!!) of books. I took carloads of donations of clothing and household goods to charities. I thought I’d considered all the aspects of downsizing my stuff and space.

But I never gave a thought to – bathrooms. Silly me.

I have two small bathrooms here. Not a vanity or closet between ’em. (One will eventually have a bit of a vanity cabinet, but nothing to compare to the lost glories I left behind…)

This weekend I must get this sorted out. Once I unpack all those “bathroom” boxes, I may find that I have a decade’s supply of body wash. I won’t need to buy toilet paper for awhile, either.


One thought on “About this downsizing thing

  1. I’ve moved a few times in my life and it’s always amazed me how many things I can collect, even in a small apartment.

    Good luck with more downsizing and finding room for all the extras! The positive side is that you won’t run out of baths items; the less sunny side, of course, is finding space for them.


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