Old dogs


Rest in peace, little spirit. Run and play in the meadows of Heaven. Nap on God’s lap.

Until last month, all my life I had pets around the house – dogs, cats, or both. Usually more than one. When the inevitable parting came from a dog or cat, I could come home to the surviving one(s). But last month old Dusty went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I had no dog or cat to hug at home after that horribly hard trip to the vet. He was a rescued dog with, as they say, some issues. He lived with me for eleven years, issues and all. I’ve cried a river.


5 thoughts on “Old dogs

  1. Our canine companions are so constant that our loss of them can inspire a river of tears. They live in our memories and the retelling of their exploits, issues and all. I’m guessing he was a real entertainer.


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