Suz at Large is going small. Downsizing the housing!

I moved a week ago Thursday (February 9) into the condo I’d bought last November, and then on Friday the 10th I closed the sale of my townhouse.

I spent last weekend moving more things out of the townhouse, miscellaneous things not packed by me in time for the movers to take, or left behind on purpose:

  • Four carloads of stuff were delivered as donations to charity shops.
  • At least six carloads of stuff were brought over here to the condo.

Phew! Very tiring, but I delivered possession of the townhouse to the buyer as per contract terms.

Now it’s Friday night and I have a three day weekend in which to start really unpacking all those boxes around here, and getting settled in.

This move means I have 1000 fewer square feet of finished living space. I also used to have a few hundred more square feet of unfinished but clean basement storage/laundry room, and an oversized two car garage – all prime spots for dumping things so that the living quarters could be clutter-free. I don’t have those spaces anymore.

I’m now living in a 1200 square foot condo, with a 3 x 5 foot storage closet down the hall from my unit, and a reserved space in the garage in the building basement level. Two bedrooms, one of which opens onto the living room through a wide doorway and is used as my study, and two small bathrooms. A laundry/utility room which is nice, and the 1200 square feet doesn’t include a large enclosed lanai (sounds Hawaiian, but I’m in the Rocky Mountain West) with a nice view of mountains to the west.

This is going to be interesting. I hope I haven’t made a huge mistake. This is a 1970’s era condo complex which is overall well maintained and the homeowners’ association is in good financial condition. They’ve just replaced the elevators in all 10 buildings without a special assessment, always a good sign, and there’s still lots of money in the reserve account.

I just hope some of these units on the market get bought by younger people. The average age around here is pretty high.

It’s not as nice as the place I just sold, by any means. The idea is that I’m cutting down on my housing costs and monthly overhead expenses, while staying in a part of town I like and having a nice place. This was a fixer upper unit, we tore out everything but the kitchen cabinets, and the shower and bathtub – and we refinished those! It is looking pretty good with all the renovations.

Well, except for the zillions of boxes stacked all over the place. Which is where we came in. A three day weekend to spend getting settled and sorted.


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